Come and meet me!

The kind folks at Long Live Cats and Dogs are holding an adoption event for me as I’ve been in rescue for almost a year and still looking for my forever home. I’ll be bringing my court jester Pickles with me so you can meet her too.

C’mon down on Saturday March 2nd between 1-3 pm and come say hi! Address is 2255 East Hastings in East Van (2 blocks West of Nanaimo)


I’ll be wearing my queen hat. Don’t forget to kneel before your queen! Feel free to lavish me with gifts as well 😉


Bully Buddies Online Auction

The Bully Buddies Online Auction will take place June 18 – 24, 2012.

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How you doing?

aggie 126a

A special shout out to Wendy and Barbara – Thank you so much for donating towards my vet bills!!!

I got all excited – We were all outside and I smelled something super yummy! Yup, I might be partially blind but my sniffer works mighty fine!

Turns out, the lovely ladies from Long Live Cats and Dogs treated us pups to a yummy buffalo liver cake! Thank you!!!

aggie 129a

Mmmmh, I smell cake!

aggie 209a

Next thing I knew, Charlie and Pickles went at it and everything was gone! I didn’t get a single crumb! Something about “you had pancreatitis recently and need a bland diet for a while”. Pffft.

Of course I didn’t take their word for it… No, this Trufflepig went truffling for crumbs.

aggie 203a

Sadly the other two cleaned up well after themselves. My foster mom told me that there’s a piece in the freezer for me for a later day.

So I took my consolation prize – A lovely belly rub!

aggie 128a

Disco queen

Look, I’m a disco queen!

pickles 351a

pickles 365a

Ok, I’m actually just begging for food….

You see, they want me on a special kind of diet and well… I don’t like it one bit. So I’ve turned into quite the beggar but no matter how hard I try, it doesn’t seem to work…

pickles 350a

pickles 353a

I mean c’mon…. how can this not work!?!?!

pickles 362a

All it got me were two new nicknames – Circus granny & disco queen. I’d rather have a steak, thank you very much.

I suppose they mean well. You see, I didn’t post much because I was under the weather….. I ended up spending a week at the vet. I’m now on heart meds for life and on a special diet. I’ve been home for a week now and well, I must admit – I feel great!

I also got a bath so I look great too, don’t you think!?!

pickles 344a

Well, time for my afternoon nap…

pickles 252a


Thank you for all of your concerned emails you sent my foster mom!

I’m doing ok. I’ve been having some tummy troubles… ever 5-6 days I’m a bit under the weather because my tummy is bugging me. I’ve had 3 episodes like this now so I’m off to the vet tomorrow to see if it’s just an old age thing or if maybe there’s something that is causing it and can be fixed.

Boo 1265a

Spring is here and I’ve been enjoying the nice sunny days! I LOVE to go for walks! I have also been hanging out at the community garden, it’s great! So many nice things to smell! We always bring the Boomobile so if I get a little tired I just have a snooze in it.

I got a new bed last week and I love it!

Boo 1283a

Cold stuff

They offered me some cold stuff today.

Wasn’t sure what it was…

Boo 1160a

Maybe I’ll have a little lick….

Boo 1161a

Hmmmm, not bad, not bad at all!

Boo 1162a

Too bad I had to share with Charlie and Pickles!

Don’t forget….

…to stop and smell the flowers!

If you listen carefully, you can tell why my new nickname is “Trufflepig” 😉

I’m doing great! I take long naps, go for lovely walks, get tons of snuggles and my foster parents cook for me!

I’ve been off my meds for a week now and haven’t relapsed so hopefully whatever was bugging me is gone for good!


I’m a fashionista, what can I say. I FINALLY got my foster mom to spruce up my wardrobe a bit…

She made me a bow tie collar today!

Don’t I look smashing!?!

Boo 831a

I don’t think I ever showed you the coat she made for me when I first arrived but here it is:

Boo 196a

Life is good!

I snuggle a lot with my foster dad, I like him a whole lot!

Boo 795a

Lots of walks and…. lots of lovely naps!

Boo 820a